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Bell's current weight is in the range of 210-215 pounds, which is his most weight and weight since high school. He believes that he is still very good last year, but "there is no level". So at the end of May, Bell decided to increase the training frequency and strength.

"I love this. I love this because this forces our players to think quickly," Joseph said. "You have to quickly think to ensure that the step is consistent and make the next decision. Even if the performance is not good, this will force you to put the attention on the next gear, so I like the coach to speed up the speed. This brings pressure to our players, let them think quickly and the step is consistent, because they will soon not forget tactics. "

Bell advanced more than 9200 yards in five years of steel person, and the best lineup was selected. He signed a 4-year 52.5 million US dollars in 2019, but the shock of the shock of the squad last year is only 789 yards, which is low in his career. Jet Integrated Offensive Code Rank League countdown first.

Fast rhythm training not only allows the offensive group to adapt to Jinsuri's offensive system, but also let the defensive group get more training opportunities. The key is to keep the speed while ensuring that the player will not lose the direction, especially the rookie and the new aid of the learning system.

After the Sunday lost to the Kansas Emirates, the race of the ram was 2 wins and 5 losses, and the next game opponent was not weak: the scene of the San Francisco, the scene to Arizona, the main scene, the battle against Danfo Manga, away San Diego flash.

"I have always been forced to succeed. At the university, I entered NFL. After entering the league, I became the strongest running guard. I started to say that" Levie is the strongest running guard "of the league; I didn't stop working hard, but It seems that the mentality has changed. "

Falcon chose gambling, the first time although the false player grabs the ball but because the foul is in the first, the gambling kick is ineffective, and the addition is 5 yards. The second gambling falcon will get the ball again, and finally play the patch of 43 yards in the Press. Falcon 18-26 Saints, chasing 1 ball right.

The Falcon offensive group could not open the situation, this attack is over the end of the mistake. Ryan passed the Saint-Defensive Front Player Shi Tuttle. Although the saints were attacked to abandon the end, the falcon could not seize the opportunity, but then sent a copy, this time, copying the Saint-Saint-Kathner-Johnson (Chauncey Gardner) Johnson). Falcon's mistake gave the saints to start off attack from the top 29 yards from the end area. This falcon defensive group was defended to reach, but it could not stop the Saint-Party to play the ball L卢. Last stable 42 yards, Saint 23-9 Falcon.

Brown and Sanders are amazing, and part is due to the decommissioning of the peak: Brown is retired after 29 years old, and Sanders retired after 30 years old. In general, the performance of running guards will decrease significantly after the age of 30.

The turn of the fight against the Falcon, the Poppy in the Kick Tool is once again mistaken, and the loss of 42 yards. Saints seized the opportunity to reach again, Hill came to the four-defense position, the middle road was 30 yards, the Saint 17-6 Falcon.

"God, this is so scary," Arizona Railwell Defense Frontboard player Jordan Phillips said. "Cleev makes them to make trouble. This is really too fast. I have never experienced such a thing before training camp, which takes some time to adapt."

The Falcon offensive group encountered four files 1 yard before the top 2 yards in the Saint Territory, chose to fight, and the results of the four points of Matt Ryan Passing to Exterior. Christian Black (Christian Blake) ) Unfinished, losses. But after the defensive group defensive, the Falcon offensive group was finalized. Lan 18 yard passed the close-end Buden Graham Dallaham, but YOUNGHOE KOO will attach a separate kicked, Falcon 6-7 Saint, backward 1 point.

Falcon took the right after the ball, the third offensive turn appeared, and the four points Wei Lianzhu was made by the Saint player Marcus Davenport, and also by another holy Available von Bell to grab the ball. Saint offense is no longer, playing the ball again and hits 45 yards, Saint 26-9 Falcon.

Jamar Charles advances the name of the pier
Beijing July 8th news NFL running guards, more than 4,000 career holders more than 4.85 more than 4.85. Two of them have been named Xie: Jim Brown (Jim Brown) and Barry Sanders. There are still two people who have not retired and may have a risk of falling. They are Jamal Charles and Adrian Peterson.

Charles and Peterson are not afraid of age challenges. The two have been played by the knee injury last season, and this offset period is went out of the old East. It is also ready to continue to fight in the new team. But this also allows them to maintain high-holding ball propulsion codes more difficult. However, this will not make the two people's glorious career faded half.