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a first round pick out of clemson last year In addition to their album covers, Dean also contributed to Martyn Dean's stage set designs for the band.[10]In 1972, Dean designed the logo for the newly established Virgin Records.[9]During his work for (1973), Dean and wholesale nba jerseys China his printers Tinsley Robor secured a patent for "a way of going cheap nhl jerseys from China gatefold to any number of pages, folded out of one piece of card".[3] For Yes's album (1974), he painted the sleeve in pencil and coloured it with dirty water.[4]In the late 1970s, Dean had an idea for Living in the Third Millennium, a television show about the designs of the future yet it never made it to production due to budget constraints.[2]In 1981, Dean and his brother Martyn had their collaborative design, the Tectonic House, wholesale nba jerseys from China a futuristic and economic home built to last, displayed at the annual International Ideal Home Exhibition in Birmingham.

The idea spawned from two ideas: Dean's earlier designs for a bed and bedroom intended for the safety of children, and Martyn's "retreat pod" from 1970 that was featured in the Stanley Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange (1971).[11]In the early 1980s, Dean collaborated with comic artist Michael Kaluta for the video game The Black Onyx (1984) by Henk Rogers.